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The Mico University Alumni of Florida is a vibrant non-profit professional organization dedicated to perpetuating the rich traditions of Mico College and strongly committed to community service.

Annual Summer Kick-Off / Fish Fry

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Our Primary Focus

The Mico University Alumni of Florida is a non-profit entity geared towards perpetuating the rich traditions of Mico College. Our organization serves as a link for past Miconians residing in Florida.

While the core of our members resides in South Florida, we do maintain strong contacts with other Miconians in the other geographic regions of Florida. We also work closely with the other Mico Alumni chapters.

We recognize that there are Miconians in all spheres of the globe who are sympathetic to our cause and as such, we have established this website to allow you to participate and share in our activities. This site is also linked to several other alumni chapters and batches.

If you would like to become an active member of this or any of the other Mico affiliate entities please feel free to fill out the relevant contact forms on this or any of the other sites.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to offer our members privy to an abundance of strategy, inspiration, bright ideas, and daringly innovative projects that can help shape and enhance their objectives. They remain at the forefront of trends and big picture thinking that affect the education sector and they have quick access to cutting-edge products and services that support education at The Mico University College in Jamaica.

We have exciting plans to increase the depth and breadth and impact of what we do for our Alma mater in Jamaica to keep pace with the ever increasing need for enlightened thinking and action around education.

Our Vision

We have come a far way since that first conversation among fellow Miconians at Mrs. Eileen Davis’ home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where the Mico Alumni Association of Florida began in 1995. We have seen continual growth to become a true collaborative made up of a dynamic community of current and past educators focused on empowering Miconians through international educational support to Jamaica.

The Mico Alumni Association (MOSA) started in Jamaica back in 1922. Over the years the activities of that association have been highly influenced by the Iconic words of Sir, Thomas Fowell Buxton who chaired the Lady Mico Trust from 1875 to 1908 – “Do it with the Might.”

Thus, many chapters were formed throughout Jamaica and other Caribbean Island. Fittingly, with many graduates who migrated to the USA, Canada, and Europe, other chapters also started in these countries.

Mico’s historical significance has been that of an institution whose graduates have provided outstanding service in the field of education and nation building. The Miconians living in Florida have been professionals, sensitive to the needs of others and as Jamaicans of remarkable ability, have developed a character modeled after the words of Thomas F Buxton, with “Invincible determination.” The legacy of Sir Thomas Buxton, that great liberator and one of the architects of the Mico continues to motivate us to “Strive for excellence, may we do so “With our Might” while we continue to contribute to the development of individuals and our community.

Our Responsibility

Help Current Students

The newly formed Mico University College Foundation of America (MUCFA) has donated $3 million in scholarships and student assistance to Mico University College for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. Learn More


Mico Old Students Association (MOSA) recently handed over $1.5 million towards Mico University College’s COVID Relief Fund, aimed at assisting students affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Learn More





Association Contribution

The Association’s attributes of caring and giving over the eighteen years of its existence are exemplified in a variety of ways, including annual donations to Mico College, annual awards to deserving college-bound students, and regular contributions to needy organizations and families in Florida and Jamaica.