Welcome to Mico University Alumni

Florida Chapter Report 2020

The Mico University Alumni Association of Florida is a vibrant non-profit professional organization, which is dedicated to perpetuating the rich traditions of The Mico University College and strongly committed to community service.


The goals of the organization:

  • To maintain a strong connection with Mico’s past, and to explore ways to assist in its current and future development.
  • To foster good relations and close association among “Miconians” in the USA particularly Miconians residing in Florida.
  • To assist all of the Mico affiliates organizations, families and individuals in Jamaica, and the Florida organization.
  • To assist in advancing the social, educational, economic and religious welfare of members of the organization in Florida.

The Association’s attributes of caring and giving over the twenty-five years of existence are exemplified in a variety of ways, including annual donations to the Mico University. Offering awards to deserving college bound students and regular contributions to needy organizations and families in Jamaica and Florida.