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Florida Chapter Yearly Schedule

Mico University College Alumni Association of Florida has identified several goals as presented in this draft document. We will seek discourse from the coordination with The Mico and MOSA Jamaica to become involved in projects that need support or initiatives with immediate need.

The purpose of the MOSA Florida is to impact lives through educational opportunities, fostering positive relations, providing outreach services and a forum to address civic and social issues for the empowerment of individuals from the MICO and wider community.

To engage in any other lawful act or activity for which a not-for-profit corporation may be organized under the law of the State of Florida.

The Mico Alumni Association of Florida conducts monthly meeting the last Sunday of each month. There is a recess during the month of August.

In general, the goal of MOSA Florida is to provide assistance to Mico as best as we can. We also want to ensure that we are working in coordination with MOSA Jamaica to this end.


In an effort to enhance the growth of our Chapter so that it can support the Mico. Some are being in progress, while some are still being developed.


Short Term Goals:

  • Membership Drive for Growth and Sustainability
  • Increased Collaboration with MOSA Ja and other MOSA Chapters
  • Re-energized Fundraising (Scholarships, Penn Relays, Exchange conferences)
  • Enhancement of Personal Development and Wellness for Members
  • Increased Community Visibility and Community Service
  • Partnership with the Business and Service Sector for Sponsorship

Long Term Goals:

  • Structured Mentorship for Immigrant Teachers and Visiting Educators
  • Assisting with identified infrastructure upgrade at the college
  • Re-engagement with the Jamaican Diaspora and be involved in their Programs
  • Sponsorships for Student Teachers to Conferences in Jamaica and abroad

Expanded Partnership with the Business and Service Sector for Capital Projects


  • Annual Executive Planning sessions and & Regular meetings
  • Mico Alumni Association of Florida will participate in Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. celebrations in schools and community functions.
  • Sponsor various schools BRACE educational outreach to college bound students in Florida.


  • Regular meeting and Executive Board member meetings.
  • Participates and celebrates Black History Month Activities
  • MOSA week church Service on February 23 Location TBA.
  • MOSA Florida is making plans to participate in MOSA week. Possibly in Students Development Day activities.


  • Major fundraiser – Raffle
  • Participate in Mico/MOSA Summit in Jamaica March 19-21
  • Official contribution to Smart classroom (MOSA Florida contribution)


  • Attend and provide donation to Team Jamaica events & fundraisers for Penn Relays in Florida.
  • Attend Penn Relays to support The Mico athletes
  • Spring Break for Schools


  • Attend NY Annual Spring Luncheon – TBA
  • Scholarship awards for college-bound students
  • Mentorship awards for students under this program


  • Annual Fish Fry June 6th
  • Chapter celebrates culture with “Jamaica Night” on June 6th
  • Participate in the Jamaica Diaspora Education Taskforce conference in California – June 15-19
  • In May & June MOSA Florida will participate in an graduation and award ceremony for High School Seniors.


  • A Bus Ride as a fundraising event on July-August
  • Sponsorship of Mico student to Emerging Global Leaders conference at Knox College in Jamaica


  • Recess for membership. Executive members participate in a Retreat
  • Attend Jamaica Independence celebrations in Florida & Jamaica


  • Resumption of monthly meetings
  • Tentative events: TBD


  • Annual Awards Luncheon – TBA
  • Awards to community members for outstanding service
  • Awards to MOSA member for outstanding service
  • Annual General Meeting & executive elections
  • Attend Toronto Chapter Scholarship Awards Ceremony – date TBD


  • MOSA Florida Annual Church Service – TBA
  • Monthly meeting


  • Attend NY Chapter Function – TBA
  • Annual Christmas Party Dance Fundraiser on December 7th

Errol A Evans


Errol A. Evans