Welcome to Mico University Alumni

The Founders of the Mico Alumni Association of South Florida

What was only a vague dream of Dr. Sidney Martin, a proud graduate of the Mico College located in Kingston, Jamaica, became a reality in 1987. The dream to establish a Mico Alumni Chapter (MOSA) that would have significant relevance and impact in South Florida and in Jamaica came to fruition in the summer of 1987. This small but insightful and committed group of Miconians and their spouses came together in Fort Lauderdale and formally laid the foundation for what is now well known as the Mico University Alumni Association of Florida.

The master plan laid out by the founding members called for the association to, (a) take steps to create and foster strong and lasting linkages with Mico College through caring and giving, (b) develop workable mechanisms for providing assistance to the less fortunate in our communities and (c) function in a manner that earns membership satisfaction, public support, and respect. These founders – Dr. Sidney Martin, Mrs. Pearline Martin, Mr. Ransford Jarrett, Mr. Bentley Williams, Ms. Jean Kennedy, Mr. Clasford Davis, Mrs. Eileen Davis, Dr. Cleveland Clark, Mrs. Roberta Clark, Dr. Ernest Booth, Mrs. Lillieth Rankine and Mrs. Olive McBean have considered themselves a unique group whose common bond was their “Mico Experience” and whose inspiration was drawn from Mico’s motto “Do It With Thy Might”!. With unselfish pride and noble commitment these men and women serving in leadership and other capacities over the years, have helped to build one of the most highly respected alumni association currently operating in Florida.

A keen retrospective glance will reveal that the founder’s dream that one day the association would make a positive difference to people in Florida and in Jamaica is now a reality. The work of the association under the current leadership of Mr. Errol Evans, has touched the lives of many through contributions to various charities such as Covenant House in Fort Lauderdale and Camillus House in Miami. Financial assistance and educational materials such as books and computers have been donated to elementary schools and the college in Jamaica. Thousands of dollars from our scholarship fund have been awarded to deserving college bound high school graduates in Florida and to student teachers at the Mico in Jamaica. The Mico University College Foundation has also received generous gifts in cash and kind.

As teachers, our primary focus is in the broad field of education. Many of our members are currently making significant contributions as teachers, counselors and administration in the public and private education system. We also salute the work of our Past Presidents such as Ms. Eileen Davis, Mrs. Shirley Lindsay, Dr. Ruby Lobban, Mr. Stan Green, Ms. Coral Jonas, and Mr. Tony Brown whose contribution to this organization is worthy of recognition.